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Home of the free, because of the brave♥️💙Memorial day💕🙏🏼 #memorialday #memorialdayweekend #america #onloveside #istandwithbearsears #istandwithstandingrock #saveourwater #prayforsaffy #sophiaonellen #breakthestigma #breakthesilence #beautifulthings

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Hi guys! How much does it degress in your city? 👀

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I don't know how to feel about today. I can only apologize to all of the lost and mothers of the lost who carried these babies in their bodies to have them dispatched by the violent wars started by powerful greedy men. When I was young you didn't have a choice. Now it's a volunteer armed services. Does any other species on earth kill with so much violence continually deliberately. Today the leaders don't go into battle. They sit on their golden toilets and muse about the chess pieces we all are. They wonder how they can use us for their greedy best. They are getting ready troops now to go into Afghanistan I can only apologize to the future lost. When the bodies come home we get them all tidied up and we drape them with flags and bury them in cemeteries with pomp and circumstance. The horror of what happens to a body not evident. Veterans hospitals care for the wounded. Do the powerful pricks ever see the surgeries and the pain on the battlefield. They may visit they don't immerse. To know the horror and the pain would break the cowards in office now who are working so hard at destroying our beloved democracy. Should people have to keep dying over and over for the same thing. Come to the table of sanity, work it out. Come out of marble halls and see the people you promoters of suffering and death. Go to @mozeb79 to see the brave Syrian boy speak his pain. Killing so many children? Old men in this government, except for a few good men, have no conscience. There is no heart beating in the chest of trump for the people and the democracy. It beats only for him. #myperspective #photographer #suffering #apologies #apologiesinadvance #humanity #violence #democrats #savetheearth #savethewater #dontgobacktosleep #democracy #democracynow #moveon #resist #resistance #istandwithstandingrock #istandagainstfascism #womansmarch #motheringtherevolution #motherearth

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The inaugural Standing Rock Film Festival is THIS weekend, June 2-4, 2017. Visit or the link in our bio for all the details.

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Day 129. He's back. #nosighofrelief

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this is no joke. please read link in my bio. 💧 #waterislife repost from @shailenewoodley   #standupfightback #standingrock #istandwithstandingrock #politics #coercion #thenews #realtalk #truth #america #indigenous #sovereignty

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The #standingrockfilmfestivalwill empower, enlighten, and entertain the Native Community and all global citizens. Join us on the Standng Rock Sioux Reservation in Fort Yates, ND. FREE tix at the link in our bio. 📷 via @thefader

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Day 128. Fleet... Fleeting?

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