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Ellie: Day 324, the human attempts to pass time with some object made of paper and NOT petting me. The audacity. I have taught her a lesson #catsofinstagram #readingwithcats #books #bibliophile #readwhileyoucan #readerproblems

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Do you like novellas/short stories? I love the idea of novellas, being able to get more adventures and insight into a world, but I can never get into them the way I get into a full blown novel. There's just not enough time. I do enjoy novellas but I always struggle to get through them since I don't feel as connected, no matter how good the story itself may be. Like I really enjoyed The Bane Chronicles, Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy and The Assassin's Blade but they never hit 5 stars for me purely because of my difficulty getting into them. It's why I'm a little hesitant to read The Language of Thorns. It has gorgeous illustrations, I love the Grishaverse and I've heard so many incredible things about it, but it is still a bind-up of stories and that always makes nervous, because its rare I ever fall in love with a bind-up. It's the same with memoirs/books of essays. I have the same issue getting through them. The only one I've ever read that ignored that and I gave 5 stars was Unfiltered by Lily Collins earlier this year. It's not impossible but I always think I'll enjoy them less than I do because I don't really get into them properly. Hopefully I'll get round to reading The Language of Thorns soon though because it's just too intriguing. I want to know whether the insides match the outside!

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barbyzz22 Kullanicisinin 1627581084998872815_581082999 Id'li Fotografini Kesfet

I've been in bed since yesterday, and this is what I've been up to (I should have been in bed the whole weekend but things got in the way that needed me active): I've been catching up with some ARCs that I got throughout this month. I got them via a Facebook group called MM Romance ARC Group. I joined a while ago, and at first I was pretty chill about requesting, but this month was a bit crazy and I really thought I was going to be biting off more than I could chew (I've been rushing through my readings and now I'm actually ahead of schedule, go figure). The list (just in case my handwriting is more disastrous than I anticipated) goes: -Blackbird Fly Home, by Dara Nelson. - Crystal Coast Chemistry, by Sierra Brave - Trusting Him, by Laura N. Andrews -Out, by Cara Dee. There's a couple others in this list, which are: All in Fear: A Collection of Six Horror Tales, (Un)Masked, by Anyta Sunday and All of the Above, by Quinn Anderson. The two former I got through A Novel Approach, while the other I got through the author, that's why I didn't include them above. Hopefully, I'll be done with all these before the end of the month. I had a list for "main" readings (books that weren't ARCs) but I won't be able to pull that one off. It went like this: - Autoboyography, by Christina Lauren - History Is All You Left Me, by Adam Silvera - Radio Silence, by Alice Oseman - Every Heart a Doorway, by Seanan McGuire - They Both Die At The End, by Adam Silvera - Five Dares, by Eli Easton. I am failing this one majestically because I made the mistake of starting with Autoboyography, and the book is so precious that I want to take it slow (I'm currently at 52%). So, this is what my plan for the month looked like, regardless of my inability to stick to it. Do you guys make a reading plan for the month/week? How easy/hard is it for you to stick to it? #readinglist #readings #reader #booklist #booklists #readerproblems #readergirl #bookishgirl #bookishproblems #booksph #isthereanybodyoutthere #cricketsounds

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This is so true omg what was the last book you read?

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Here is what I'm #currentlyreadingminus Turtles All the Way Down by #johngreenwhich I am listening to on audio. I'm enjoying all of them but my brain has stopped working today. So I'll work on this stack more tomorrow.

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flashtrigger Kullanicisinin 1627264049211247687_20383347 Id'li Fotografini Kesfet

Starting my off day with a long wait at the doctor…so brought the kid along with a book. (Phasma!!) Problem now is, how to read the book? #offday #whatisoffday #babysitting #starwars #captainphasma #reading #readerproblems

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litcastofdoom Kullanicisinin 1627163302759109228_6105051055 Id'li Fotografini Kesfet

Due to the arrival of some costume-based items, I got a real hankering for some #piratesyou feel me? any of you guys dressing up this year? Let's talk Halloween plans y'all! #bookstagram #books #bibliophile #fantasy #fantasybooks #yalit #readerproblems #bookaddict #reader #amreading #boots

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emmathebookfangirl Kullanicisinin 1626857672099626443_4082694719 Id'li Fotografini Kesfet

Library books for my course, I love these editions but I have a feeling I can't keep them It's time for a book tag! Todays tag is from @sheylakpoetry and it's the #areadersconfessiontag . Have you ever damaged a book? Unfortunately yes I do this so easily, it's sad How long does it take for you to finish a book? That can vary dependent on my enjoyment of the book, if I'm really into it about 2-3 but sometimes it can take weeks to months! Which is so bad I know A book I DnfD? Ooh I try not to dnf books often but I didn't finish Three Dark Crowns which I'm sad about but I'm going to try and reread it. Hyped book that wasn't worth it? For me personally it was an Ember in the Ashes, I still really want to get into cos I love the author but I just couldn't, I'll probably 'reread it soon! A book I'm ashamed of reading? I'd defiantly say the fifty shades series, read them for a laugh really, it was a waste of my time really. How many books I own? I'm pretty sure I'm over 150 now! slow or fast reader- I'm definitely a fast one I finished acowar in 2 days! Buddy reading? Tried it with a friend I finished the book before she even bought it so nope maybe with someone else Reading aloud or in your head? In my head, I hate having to read aloud in English, I never take in the book!! if you could own ONE book which one? I know its typical but I think probably ACOMAF regardless of what you or even I think of Sarah J Maas' books, I will always treasure that one. . Thanks for the tag! And if you've been tagged I hope you have fun doing it! #bookstagram #booktag #bookish #fun #readerproblems #readerrambles #confessions

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'Plenty of humans are monstrous, and plenty of monsters know how to play at being human.' day 16 of #adarkershadeofoctoberis dark characters -- @annathehighlady tagged me to do #readerproblems How do you decide what to read next? I normally pick something off my tbr, whatever I'm in the mood for, I don't have a particular order! What do you do if you're halfway through a bad book? I'll try and finish it, probably skim read it though. What do you make of mismatched covers? I'll try and avoid it unless the matching cover is far more expensive. You hate a popular book, what do you do? Wonder what made everyone else love it so much and wish that good books got more attention. You're about to cry in public from a book, what do you do? Try not to but probably cry anyway! -- #book #books #bookstagram #booksandbooks #bookstagrammer #bookish #openbooks #openbook #veschwab #victoriaschwab #vicious #adsom #adarkershadeofmagic #bookphotochallenge #bookchallenge #bookphotography #bookphoto #reader #yalit #octoberphotochallenge

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randomfandom28 Kullanicisinin 1626737036668335356_4033592894 Id'li Fotografini Kesfet

If any of you read my Radio Silence review, you'll know that I loved it, and I loved Solitaire nearly as much. This story follows Tori, a very introverted, movie-loving girl who struggles to make friends. In her final high school year some strange things happen: this strange, eccentric guy with multi-coloured eyes turns up at her school and befriends her; her former best friend also reappears after years of no contact; and aa mysterious organisation called Solitaire begins playing pranks on her school. Together they delve deeper into the Solitaire pranks and try to determine who's behind the organisation. The only reason I liked Radio Silence more is because I related more to the main character, but I still loved this book. Solitaire by Alice Oseman:

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michelleerin Kullanicisinin 1626414865381911933_109066 Id'li Fotografini Kesfet

But which one do I read first????? #readerproblems #libraryhaul #ya

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litcastofdoom Kullanicisinin 1626413715203226245_6105051055 Id'li Fotografini Kesfet

I'll never be able to fully describe my absolute love for the Chaos Walking trilogy - it was eye-opening and enrapturing and an introduction to what an alternative fiction writer could pull off ❤ ❤ and the paperbacks are just gorgeous #chaoswalking #chaoswalkingtrilogy #bookstagram #books #bibliophile #bookaddict #readerproblems #scifibooks #scifi #yalit #paperback #paperbackasthetic

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bethanny23 Kullanicisinin 1626354110889773818_182843329 Id'li Fotografini Kesfet

Newest edition to my ever growing Harry Potter collection . . . . I own three editions of the first three books #readerproblems #books #bookstagram #readers #readersofinstagram #bookworm #bookish #book #bookaholic #bookaddict #booklover #bookart #photography #photogram #harrypotter #jkrowling #illustration #harrypotterbooks #harrypotterfan #prisonerofazkaban #potter #hp #tbr

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xobookwormxo Kullanicisinin 1626340394726194544_2106537329 Id'li Fotografini Kesfet

Such a beautiful find at the charity book sale yesterday (and I think kitty approves to) #bookstagram #bookcollection #hardcoverbooks #beautifulcovers #usedbooks #tbr #somanybooks #readerproblems #readinglist #newtome #newbook #catlover #catsofinstagram #readingpartner #snuggles #love

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litcastofdoom Kullanicisinin 1626217593801105241_6105051055 Id'li Fotografini Kesfet

Say hello to my shelf of shame. I'm 90% sure I haven't touched it in 4 years, and I'm afraid to take anything off because I know spiders live in there and I'm not about that life. Maybe I'll clean it out . . . tomorrow . . . or just let it stare at me from the wall and shame me for my inactivity lmao #shelfie #shelfiesunday #shelfofshame #bookstagram #bookaddict #books #bibliophile #yalit #fantasybooks #fantasy #bookaddict #bookaddiction #readerproblems

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ginger_pancakes Kullanicisinin 1626072891588274745_1254540969 Id'li Fotografini Kesfet

My friends were always really nervous whenever they borrowed my books #bookstagram #books #readerproblems

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randomfandom28 Kullanicisinin 1625996223386688099_4033592894 Id'li Fotografini Kesfet

It's coming! Can't wait to meet Eleven in November!

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readandwine Kullanicisinin 1625932729877860497_1763441952 Id'li Fotografini Kesfet

Book event during my birthday month, so of course I found new pretties to get me through next week! #atb2017 #ohbutwhichonefirst #ReaderProblems #doesflutterpairwellwithsangria #imobsessedwiththatcover#probablyshouldhavetakenapicofit #obviouslyillhavetolater #muststophashtagging #theresnewbookstoread

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