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#thevaginamonologues #theafterparty@samt_99 @tayloratto

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Немного о том что меня вдохновило на создание проекта #TheVaginaMonologues ИВ ЭНЦЛЕР знаменитый драматург. Мировую популярность ей принесли поставленные по ее пьесам спектакли «Монологи вагины» (награжден премией Obie Award), «Плавучая Ронта и склеенный человек» и «Отличное тело». Спектакль «Монологи вагины» породил целое движение — «День V» (, цель которого — защищать женщин во всем мире от насилия и оказывать поддержку тем, кто от него пострадал. Эта благотворительная организация в настоящий момент работает в 76 странах мира. Книга «Монологи вагины» — плод разговоров Ив Энцлер с самыми разными женщинами. Молодыми, пожилыми, зрелыми, семейными, разведенными, одинокими, гетеросексуальными, лесбиянками, бисексуалками, белыми, черными. Беседы, начинавшиеся с игровых вопросов вроде «Если вашу вагину одеть, что бы она носила?» или «Если бы ваша вагина могла говорить, что бы она сказала?», заканчивались пронзительными откровениями и удивительными открытиями, из которых и выросла эта легендарная книга. Провокационность «Монологов», как ни парадоксально, помогает женщинам всего мира наладить уникальные отношения со своим удивительным органом, гордиться его возможностями, наслаждаться его красотами и никому не давать в обиду. Пьеса «Монологи вагины» впервые была представлена публике в 1996 г., в Нью-Йорке. Тогда Ив сама читала со сцены откровенные признания женщин, решившихся заговорить о своей вагине без брезгливости, смущения или неловкого хихиканья. К прочтению рекомендую !

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#thevaginamonologues #pussytrain #endofthenight@macylou6

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#thevaginamonologues #eveensler

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Oh my. I may have found my new favorite place - filled with #booksand #cardsand #posters #pins #candles #tshirts #irononpatch #musicand #feminismisoptimism. Ever since training to be a teacher back in 1999-2000, I've been a huge fan of well-written YA lit - especially @halseanderson and her novel #speak. But look at this! A book for teens by Eve Ensler (playwright of #thevaginamonologues )!! Get yourself to @cardcarryingshop at 15 E. Market Street in @gafferdistrict @urbancorning !! You'll even see my friend @bethlandin 's beautiful cards and some by @simplyinviting_ny ! Always great to see @sarahloublagg and hear what she's got playing - check them out!

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Holding on tight and never letting go after @eveensler's breathtaking performance for the @nationalnurses #cnannoc17convention. Because, duh, it's a MUST. And because I forever love her. . #luckyme #eveensler #vday

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They say, "Don't judge a book by its cover." Well, The Vagina Monologues is one perfect example! This deserves to be read by every girl, by everyone. . . "Women are not some marginalized, insignificant group. We are more than half of the world's citizens. What happens to us determines everything. If we are beaten and traumatized, our children will hold that in their DNA and grow up manifesting that in who they become. If our esteem is destroyed, our daughters' self-confidence will be hard won or impossible to come by. If we are violated and raped or abused by men, our sons will be made in the witnessing of this, and in our bitterness." - #eveensler #TheVaginaMonologues #vday

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The Vagina Monologues opens on September 27! Book your tickets at and watch some women tell you stories about vaginas. #thevaginamonologues #themeteor #theatre #hamilton #newzealand #bookyourtickets #hashtag

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Kenny with the lovely #realhouswiveslast Monday night when they performed #thevaginamonologues at @deyor_pac #tbt@ashleyboalchdarby @brandiglanville @teresagiudice They were amazing!!!! Thanks to all who came out for the show!

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Treasuring our yonis and the sacred spaces that make us feel both humble and expansive all at once.

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Can't wait to get on stage this Saturday for The Vagina Monologues. Only four tickets left for opening night! Get yours from the link in @deafferent's bio • • • • • #everythingisart #melbfringe #feminism #thisiswhatafeministlookslike #eveensler #thevaginamonologues #theatre #vagina #whatson #melbourne #deaftheatre #auslan #signlanguage

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If you don't already know (because you've been living underwater or something) after two years of performing in the show, I am DIRECTING the 2018 production of UBCs The Vagina Monologues. We're a community of women who come together weekly to blend art and activism, culminating in an incredible play every February. The VDAY campaigns work to end violence against women in all forms and promotes intersectional feminism. We raise money for the sexual assault support centre on campus and a local women's shelter. If you're interested in auditioning or being part of this supportive community email [email protected] today! Hope to see some familiar faces at auditions next week!

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My latest purchase! Time for read, chill and ☕️

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Thank you for coming out and supporting us @brokenshipsla for @grabembytheproductions performance of #eveensler #thevaginamonologues Thank you so much the beautiful and talented @clawstnt star @karrueche for supporting us by coming to our show! #womenempowerment #grabem❤️❤️ Sponsors: @mezcalerodtla bookedtalent @fortpointbeer @mylittleyoni

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Books I'm bringing to Zambia Still receiving donations for @restlessdevelopment until Sunday! (Link in bio) #bookstagram #instabook #shelfie #bookworm #thegirlwithallthegifts #rupikaur #milkandhoney #douglasadams #elizabethgilbert #thevaginamonologues #persepolis #oursharedshelf #fingersmith

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I get to meet some interesting people for work! Spent yesterday hangin out with some #realhousewivesfor #thevaginamonologues They were giving me tips for the Real Housewives of #warrenohio

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