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Secretary #Tillerson Participates in the #C5+1 Multilateral Meeting in New York City

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“The President is carrying out his duty to protect the American people.” Yeah, #Tillerson that’s bułlśhįt... because if that were true that #douchecanoe@realdonaldtrump wouldn’t be egging on North Korea and pushing us toward nuclear war. That füçkwåd has no interest in protecting anyone except white supremacists and the rich oligarchy. So fuck you, Rex. And #fucktrump.

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Lavrov and Tillerson discuss ... #lavrov #tillerson #syria

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Security Council 8053rd Meeting: Nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction. #ministerial #wevegotanewforeignminister #tillerson #wangyi #kono #kang나라마다 2-9개 나오는 패스로 대통령, 장관부터 우리와 본부에서 대거로 날아온 외교관들까지 온 사람이 나눠쓰느라 1주일간 미친듯한 #패스와의사투. 오늘 퇴근하기 전에 내일 출근이 다가올듯.

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We are excited to be at #ungawith @unaidsglobal, #ugandanPresident Yoweri Museveni, and heads of state and governments from many other partner countries. These include #Lesotho, #Malawi, #Swaziland, #Zambia, and #zimbabwe– 5 countries that recent PEPFAR results show are approaching control of their HIV/AIDS epidemics. Together, with host countries, @globalfund to Fight #tband #Malaria, UNAIDS, and other partners, we have the unique opportunity to accelerate progress toward achieving #hiv #aidsepidemic control in a number of high-burden countries by 2020, while continuing PEPFAR’s support to HIV/AIDS efforts in more than 50 countries. The new PEPFAR Strategy for Accelerating HIV/AIDS Epidemic Control (2017-2020), launched earlier this week by U.S. Secretary of State Rex #Tillerson, charts a bold course for controlling the epidemic in up to 13 high-burdened countries by 2020, creating the road map for all PEPFAR-supported countries. PEPFAR will support these 13 countries to reach 95 percent of people living with HIV who know their status, 95 percent of people who know their status accessing treatment, and 95 percent of people on treatment having suppressed viral loads across all ages, genders, and at-risk groups in the next three years. Epidemic control will only be attained when all of these targets are met for adults and #children. The U.S. government remains the world’s leader in responding to HIV/AIDS. This Strategy demonstrates both the courage of our convictions and the boldness of our ambitions. But we cannot – and do not –do this alone. All partners – from governments, the private sector, #philanthropy, multilateral institutions, civil society, #thefaith community, and others – are absolutely critical if we, as a global community, are to control, and ultimately end, this pandemic. (Photo: Sarah Day Smith/PEPFAR)

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The screen starts out black for a second or two then starts! #breakingnews #Tillerson #maria #haleyand more. Weekdays at 11amET on Periscope @susanknowles and YouTube Susan Knowles Channel

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The Iran Nuclear deal is simply a repeat of what Clinton did in the 90s with NK. Why should we reward a country that actively supports and funds terrorism and calls daily for the destruction of America?! This deal only delays Iran's dream of gaining nuclear weapons to potentially use on the US and its allies. And Iran saying they will throw away the current deal if the US tries to renegotiate? Oh please if you do that it will just set everything back to how things were prior to 2015 and Obama's poor idea of diplomacy. This would only hurt Iran more so they better be nice to the US and hear what we have to say. I am so thankful we have a president who says the tough things and doesn't care what anyone will think of him! Trump is a true leader! I am optimistic Trump and his administration will find a solution to this issue. #americafirst #un #trump #Tillerson #america #israel #iran #irandeal #islamicterrorism #nuclear #conservative #liberal #freedom #clinton #obama #diplomacy #northkorea #trumpmemes #republican #democrat

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#breakingnews #maria #israel #un #trump #Tillerson #pelosiand more. Weekdays at 11amET on Periscope @susanknowles and YouTube Susan Knowles channel

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#Noticias: #lavrovy #Tillerson analizan situación en #siriay el Medio Oriente en Nueva York >>> <<< La portavoz del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Rusia, Maria Zajarova, anunció que el canciller Serguei Lavrov y su homólogo estadounidense, Rex Tilerson, analizaron la cooperación en la crisis en Siria y Medio Oriente, así como el acuerdo de paz en Ucrania, durante un encuentro en la sede de la misión diplomática rusa en Nueva York.

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Washingon is considering closing its embassy in Cuba after staff reported health problems. Around 20 staff members have reported having brain trauma, hearing loss, and nausea. United States officials have stated that they believe that a "sonic device" has been causing these problems. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has stated that the US government is evaluating the situation and whether or not they will shut down the mission in Havana. Tags: #novanews #cuba #unitedstates #news #politics #havana #us #usa #tillerson #trump #america #news #popular #insta #democrats #politics #republicans

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#syriais a country in the Middle East which allows Christianity to be practiced, and #Tillerson still wants to destroy that government? Why are we so hard on #Assad, but not Saudi Arabia? Makes no sense. We need a real investigation into the highly disputed chemical attacks and into what exactly we were doing in Syria. Or just allow Rand Paul to audit and oversee the CIA please. Those in our deep state government arming jihadists need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 18 U.S. Code § 2339B - Whoever knowingly provides material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization, or attempts or conspires to do so, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both, and, if the death of any person results, shall be imprisoned for any term of years or for life.  @statedept Thanks @alisalovestruth

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#Noticias: #Tillerson: #eeuupodría continuar en el Acuerdo de París contra el cambio climático  siempre y cuando se den ciertas condiciones >>> <<< El secretario de Estado norteamericano, Rex Tillerson, afirmó que Estados Unidos podría continuar dentro del Acuerdo de París contra el cambio climático siempre y cuando se den ciertas condiciones.

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Rex Tillerson advierte que EEUU sopesa cerrar embajada en Cuba RESULTA que el secretario de #Estado, #RexTillerson. afirmó que #estadosunidosadvirtió hoy que sopesa cerrar la #embajadaen #cubadespués de una serie de inexplicables incidentes que han dañado la #saludde los diplomáticos norteamericanos, y que "lo tienen bajo evaluación". En declaraciones a un programa en la cadena televisiva norteamericana, #Tillerson dijo que "es un tema muy grave en el sentido al daño a la salud que ciertos individuos han sufrido. #paíspolítico #porelojodelacerradura Para más detalles, visita nuestra página web

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Paris climate deal: Trump open to staying in, Tillerson says. The US secretary of state backs up reports Mr Trump may soften his stance on the climate pact. Find out more on BBC: . . . #britishnews #news #bbc #bbcnews #breakingnews #instanews #newspaper #media #worldwide #photooftheday #journalist #instadaily #paris #climate #deal #trump #open #staying #tillerson #secretary #state #backs #reports #soften #stance #pact

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Should be an interesting #un #generalassemblythis week with @realdonaldtrump the horrible and horribly embarrassing #POTUS. #whatacountry #dumptump #nationaltragedy #worldwideembarrassment #moscowonthepotomac #pence #tillerson #diplomacyisdead

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#emilianogironella/ Drug-traffic flowers & U.S. consumption destroy the lives of many in Mexico yet life goes on for some. This #vasesymbolizes the possibility of #resilienceamong the innocent victims in the drama. Gironella explores ways to mend the lives of those left behind. / How will the children of dead policemen build a healthy self-identity after growing up hearing that the #policeforce collaborates with narcos? 69% of Mexicans believe el Chapo has "the support of people within the Mexican government" reports Dolia Estevez, Forbes, 2014). Courageous individuals (naïve enough to believe that proper enforcement of the rule of law is still possible?) are dying brutally in this war while working for one of the most hated institutions in Mexico. Is it too late to fix societies' lowest of the low #expectationsabout the police force? Like Gironella's, other efforts to change the #stereotypethat all #policemenare bad include the presence of mariachi-singing policemen in the streets of Mexico. In 2017, Secretary of State Rex #Tillerson admitted U.S. is responsible for contributing to the #drugwarin #mexico-given the demand side. So, how can the U.S. compensate victims? Pressure authorities to use serious (science-based) substance use #preventionefforts (eg., they must use TV ads based in #socialpsychologyinstead of on traditional advertising!), & by investing $ in education and infrastructure in Mexico.

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@ThomasEGarrett & #secretaryofstateRex #Tillerson open @CommunityofDem’s #CoD9. #Democracy.

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This morning, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visited our embassy in London to deliver remarks and meet the staff. In his remarks, the Secretary emphasised the importance of the U.K.-U.S. relationship and confirmed the ongoing importance of trade between our countries. #secretarytillerson #tillerson #usainuk #sidebyside

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