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adantie Kullanicisinin 1602692142533223158_238125742 Id'li Fotografini Kesfet

If you live in #amherstnyI think you should #votefor Erin Baker for the town board. #anameyoucantrust #voteforBAKER #someday

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rickyruckkus Kullanicisinin 1578400919275820128_356382888 Id'li Fotografini Kesfet

East Cleveland voters, please vote for a genuine guy who truly cares about replenishing this amazing city. I was born in East Cleveland and lived in crystal towers as a kid. My mom worked at Huron hospital at the time. The city can go back to a thriving place if you get the right people into place. Vote for my fraternity brother, sands and genuine friend #VoteForBaker #eastcleveland

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_lindseybaker Kullanicisinin 539480803951912233_47543208 Id'li Fotografini Kesfet

Fuck bitches get money $$$$ #dopeassmuthafuckers #lovemaboo

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justin_baker_ Kullanicisinin 452390940206398992_190116758 Id'li Fotografini Kesfet

#VoteForBaker during all three lunches tomorrow! #schoolspirit #manofthepeople #chargernation

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justin_baker_ Kullanicisinin 451668384486751731_190116758 Id'li Fotografini Kesfet

And I know all the words to “I'm Proud to be an American" #VoteForBaker #america #voteatlunchtomorrow

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justin_baker_ Kullanicisinin 450061121196097482_190116758 Id'li Fotografini Kesfet

Keep em coming! Doing more tomorrow! #VoteForBaker

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justin_baker_ Kullanicisinin 449821353497558965_190116758 Id'li Fotografini Kesfet

#VoteForBaker ask me for a pin when you see me in the halls!

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